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Styled in California

Published 1960s circa

“A Montgomery Ward Fashion Presentation.”

Idealized “typical” family piles out of convertible and starts playing furiously (good)
Janis Paige addresses camera: “this is a typical California day”
Stylish California mother poses before camera
Stylish woman at backyard barbecue; yields it to husband
Closeup of woman’s chest and gingham dress

Producer Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions
Sponsor Montgomery Ward & Company
Audio/Visual sound, color


With Janis Paige.


Reviewer: Spuzz - - June 9, 2014
Subject: "Psst! It's Janis Page!" "Who?"
This exploration of Monty Ward's latest styles is thankfully not all THAT bad. The clothes here look comfortable and look presentable to what people would wear around this time. Except the Mom with her gloves. Also, the kids are all so transfixed by Janis Page. I'm sorry, I will need to look this person up. Oh, she WAS quite a famous tv actress in the 60's, wasnt she? My bad.
Reviewer: tribtower - - May 13, 2013
Subject: It was true in 62 WARDS at the American high!
Can read the 1962 date on the catalog cover. The
wigs and the generous use of hairspray certainly
place this in the early 60's. Filmic technique
includes 3 ZOOM shots made in the camera. French
Zoom Lenses hit the market at this time and advertising pics like this and Hollywood stuff was
filled with zooms for a lot of the decade. All the
clothes were likely made in our own country and
provided many jobs for a predominately female workforce. Many of these jobs were unionized and
while the pay was'nt fantastic decent hours and
benefits were enjoyed by many. The clothing was
of good quality at low to medium prices. The garment industry was destroyed in the 80's by retailers looking for slave-laborers in 3rd world
countries. As this is written in May 2013 and on-
going story is the collapse of a huge sewing factory in Bangladesh killing hundreds of women.
This enterprise contracted with MANY of our large
big box and department stores. In 1962 Wards and
other retailers were willing to pay domestic workers. Later Montgomery Ward joined the very low
wage train. It did not save their once sucessfull
enterprise. It declared bakruptcy in 2000. A failure of a once great American enterprise due
to years of mismanagement and greed.
Reviewer: Scott at - - November 18, 2012
Subject: 1962 Spring and Summer Catalog
The Catalog featured is the Spring/Summer 1962.

This was probably filmed at the very latest in the early fall of 1961, just before the catalog was ready to ship. The new '62 Oldsmobiles would have gone on sale to the general public in October 1961, with pre-production models available to the press a few weeks before that.
Reviewer: spuder - - September 22, 2012
Subject: What year?
At 1:31 we see a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire. I'm guessing they would use a new car for this 'stylish' film, so maybe this is from 1962.
Can't quite read the date on the catalog cover at 11:10. Any fashion experts care to guess as to the date?
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